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The winner of the Google Home Voice-activated speaker is - Michael T.


Email us at to register for our monthly email newsletter and you too will know all the latest news happening at HTC Communications.  You will also know about the latest promotions and have a chance to win prizes from time to time.

HTC Communications is excited to announce that we have made significant changes to our internet services.  Nearly all of our customers now have faster internet at no additional cost. You will receive a letter explaining what this change means to you.  The letter will either come as a separate letter in the mail, in with your monthly billing statement or if you receive your bill by email, you will receive the letter by email. At HTC we strive to provide a superior internet experience at a great price.  Not an HTC customer?  Call today and find out how we can set you up with a great deal!  Click for contact information. 



Channel changes on Digital Basic tier

Discovery Life is now available on channel 127 for customers who have the Digital Basic tier.


We have been notified by NBCU that the distribution of the Chiller network will cease entirely on January 1, 2018.  The Chiller network

is on channel 111 on the Digital Basic tier.



                                               FREE CALLER ID FOR BUSINESSES

If you are a business customer of HTC Communications with telephone & internet services we have a deal for you!  Caller ID is now free!  Increase the efficiency of your business with caller ID.  If you are a customer who currently pays for Caller ID, you will see that as of your July 1 bill, you will no longer be charged.  If you are a customer who does not have caller ID and would like it added, please call our office to order.





                                                                             IS YOUR INTERNET TOO SLOW?

                     Want to try faster internet? You can upgrade and we will pay the difference for ONE month!

                                                                   Call or click to email us for more details.



                                           75M residential internet now available!

With families having many devices that use the internet these days including Smart phones, Smart TV's, gaming systems tablets and computers we realize that faster internet is needed. If you aren't on a Bundle call today!  As always Bundles are your best value!

Current Bundle customers, you have been upgraded to the 75M. If you are not receiving this speed, unplug your modem and if it has one remove the green battery, leave it off a few minutes and then plug it back in.                         





Checks get more expensive, postage goes up and sometimes people just forget to pay their bill. The solution? 

  Auto Pay


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